Falling Out?

Thinking of Fall Out Boy (who despite being the most sold-out, mainstream band on the emo scene are, irritatingly, quite good) makes me reflect yet again on the shallowness of marketing.

Now, everyone knows that the public face of Fall Out Boy is Pete Wentz. Pete is genuinely good looking, very sexy, and thanks to the miracle of the information superhighway and his own carelessness, all his fans have the opportunity to see his dick in scinitillating phonecam closeup. Like all good emo boys, he flirts with bisexuality – he once commented that he thinks of himself as bisexual “above the waist”. So a blowjob’s not out of the question, then, Pete?

But here’s the thing. Pete’s not the singer, the frontman, or even the main songwriter – he’s the bass player. Not a role traditionally seen as the most glamourous (sorry, bass players that I know). In fact these functions are fulfilled by the far less photogenic Patrick Stump, whose name even seems less sexy than Pete’s. Pity poor Patrick, a genuinely talented man relegated to the status of background in his own band because he’s not the sexiest one.

Oh, the shallow, fickle face of music marketing. And yet here’s the thing – I’m still not going to go trawling the web for pictures of Patrick Stump’s genitalia. Yup, I’m shallow too. Sometimes I make myself sick…

One thought on “Falling Out?”

  1. Ive seen Pete Wentzs naked pictures, theres nothing “special” about them to be honest, much like FOB.


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