Doctor Who Season 5–the Facebook Marathon: Part 2

The adventure continues.

It’s the evening of March 11, 2011, and I’m at home alone, staving off boredom by watching all of Doctor Who season 5 with the aid of gin and tonic. As I continue to post about it on Facebook, more and more friends are becoming aware of what’s happening…

NB – as before, if your name or image is on these screenshots and you’d rather it wasn’t, PM me on Facebook and I’ll edit the image. Thanks!

And now, onwards with:

Season 5, Episode 2: The Beast Below

As the story begins, the Doctor and Amy find themselves on a vast, mysterious spaceship. When are they?



Steven Moffat’s script introduces a less than subtle note of political satire:


The Queen pops up. With a bloody big gun.


(No idea why I singled out Charles II. He did have good parties though.)


Unlike the first time, I’m rather enjoying the episode, so no more comments until the final verdict:


A shorter post than the last, but as you can imagine, the next episode prompted a LOT more debate…

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