Vanlife, the third week. Day 16: Sunday

Day 16: Sunday

This morning, I wake up with the inevitable hangover that follows such a night.

It’s raining outside. Quite heavy rain in fact, and it makes a fair racket pattering against the roof and skylights of the van. It’s actually quite a soothing noise though – there’s a reason you can buy all those relaxation CDs with the sound of rainfall – and helps to soothe my aching head while I gradually recover.

By 9:30 I’m feeling, to quote Captain Picard, “almost human… with just a bit of a headache”, so I brave the soggy weather to drive back to Stretham. The cab windows are mightily fogged up – the first time I’ve had to deal with this since owning the van. With trepidation, I turn on the demister fan and set it to maximum.

Previous stints driving similarly primitive vehicles (elderly Land Rovers mainly) lead me to expect an eternity of not much happening, after which I’ll lose patience and rub the condensation off with my sleeve, leaving annoying smears across the windscreen. In actual fact, the LDV’s demister turns out to be surprisingly efficient, and the screen is clear within five minutes. Well, I suppose a good demister was probably very important in its previous life as a bus.

This will have to be my last night in the van for a bit – I do have various things to get on with that depend on my being back at the rented bungalow. Many of them are to do with the van – I need to have a look at the missing front indicators, for example. The side and rear ones work just fine, and I’ve been to Cornwall and back like that with no trouble, but best get it sorted.

I also need to get a new laptop ordered to finish off the van’s IT infrastructure, and I’ll probably have to be at the address for delivery as I’m buying online. And there’s the pub quiz to write for the local – it’s once a month on the last Tuesday, and I run it for them in exchange for free beer that evening. It’s a good deal for both of us, as the bar manager hates doing quizzes.

So, after 16 days straight of living in the van, I’m back in the house for a bit. That means these blog posts will be a little less frequent – after all, there’s not so much to say if I’m not actually living in the old LDV. But I’ll still be staying in it once or twice a week, when my car-sharing buddy works from home. And my febrile brain has started thinking about a Big Adventure driving to southern Spain in the next few weeks, especially now the weather’s turned distinctly chilly in Blighty. So I’ll keep updating here as things happen – in the mean time, I’ll probably do a few of the TV reviews that used to be my mainstay here. Watch this space!

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