Barcelona life – five months in

Summer in Barcelona. I’m sitting in the sunshine outside a slightly shabby Cerveseria grandly named ‘Bar Berlin’, having a cheeky beer between teaching classes, and it occurs to me I haven’t written anything about the place for months. In fact, not since that first day of the CELTA course.

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The Big Trip, Day 11: Barcelona, still, but some rays of sunshine

After the gloomy, rainy recent days, it’s a relief when we wake and squint, bleary eyed, through the windscreen at a recently absent friend – sunlight. I can’t help feeling the high drama of the past couple of days has been accentuated by the gloomy weather. Even so, it’s never been less than about 15 degrees C, a lot warmer than back home. Tom, who’s been here for a month now, thinks this is “chilly”. Continue reading “The Big Trip, Day 11: Barcelona, still, but some rays of sunshine”

Vanlife, the second week. Day 10: Monday

Day 10: Monday

As ever, I wake up early, the Cornish sunlight streaming through the skylights and the too translucent roller blinds. It’s a rather cloudy sky, and that sun only peeks through sporadically, but it’s a pleasant enough temperature. I’ve no idea when Tom will be up and around – we did drink quite a lot of beer last night and stay up rather late. Continue reading “Vanlife, the second week. Day 10: Monday”