Bodyguard – some thoughts


As you’ll know if you’ve seen my recent posts, the main thing that’s been keeping me entertained during my two-and-a-bit weeks of living in my van has been watching all of BBC’s much hyped and highly popular thriller Bodyguard, which for the most part I’ve enjoyed immensely. I came to it not because of the hype though, but because of the writer. I recently binge watched all of Jed Mercurio’s hugely enjoyable bent copper drama Line of Duty on Netflix, and hearing that he’d come up with this high stakes blend of cop drama  and political thriller, I was keen to watch. Continue reading “Bodyguard – some thoughts”

Vanlife, the first week. Day 4: Tuesday

Day 4: Tuesday

A bit quieter today, with a routine starting to be established.

Tea is not so good this morning – I’m pretty sure the non-fridge has caused the milk to go off. It doesn’t smell bad, but the tea definitely doesn’t taste right. Oh well, there’s bean-to-cup espresso machines at work, so I’ll go with coffee. Continue reading “Vanlife, the first week. Day 4: Tuesday”