Vanlife, the first week. Day 4: Tuesday

Day 4: Tuesday

A bit quieter today, with a routine starting to be established.

Tea is not so good this morning – I’m pretty sure the non-fridge has caused the milk to go off. It doesn’t smell bad, but the tea definitely doesn’t taste right. Oh well, there’s bean-to-cup espresso machines at work, so I’ll go with coffee.


The evening meal is a bit more ambitious tonight – Tesco tinned curry AND microwave rice (which can be heated on a hob). A whole two pans, I’m sure Delia would be impressed. The curry is easy, but the rice only requires a couple of tablespoons of water. Which (you guessed it), all tips to one side of the pan because of the slant to the van, so I’m Forced to hold the pan level while stirring it. Only takes a couple of minutes though, so not too demanding. Et voila, a meal fit for a bloke who lives in a van…


I have a bit of a doze while idly listening to The News Quiz and Just a Minute, downloaded from the BBC Radio iPlayer while on the work wifi network. Layla is understandably tired after her second day back at work in weeks, and first day teaching, so no pub meet tonight. I contemplate going by myself and reading comics while having a pint, but think better of spending the money and decide to have a night in while binge-watching The Bodyguard.

Halfway through a very suspenseful episode one, I find myself fancying a glass of wine. But I don’t know which Mill Road shops might be open as of 9pm. Fortunately Layla always seems to have loads of bottles even though she doesn’t drink at home that much, so I text her and ask if I can buy one. She very kindly says I can have one without even paying for it, so I trot round to hers, gratefully collect a chilled bottle of Pinot, and settle down for more political intrigue, simmering sexuality and PTSD, courtesy of scripting maestro Jed Mercurio.


By about halfway through ep3, I realise I’m dozing off, and this is a show you have to pay attention to. So I call it a night and retire to bed. Sleep is a little better than the previous night, but not much; I have the worrying thought that wine may be helpful for sleeping.

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