Vanlife, the first week. Day 2 – Sunday

Day 2: Sunday

I wake up with a hangover.

I probably didn’t need that last can of Punk IPA (nor, if I’m honest, at least one of the preceding pints in the pub). Fortunately the bed is still comfy, so much so that I keep putting off the necessary trip to the hedge until my bladder is near to bursting. Then it’s back to bed; more music, read some comics on the iPad, and wait to feel better so I can drive back to Stretham in preparation for a full week in the van. Continue reading “Vanlife, the first week. Day 2 – Sunday”

Vanlife, the first week. Day 1 – Saturday

A day by day account of my first week living full time in the van – I thought it was a good idea to try it and see if I could cope while I still had the safety fallback of my rented bungalow in Stretham.

My usual carsharing buddy was about to take two weeks holiday, and the parking space we use is at his work, so that meant having to catch the train from Ely to Cambridge and back at £4.90 each day, twice the cost of the usual drive. What better time for a first attempt at living in the van – I can park in Cambridge and walk to work. No traffic jams, no fuel costs. Lovely – hopefully… Continue reading “Vanlife, the first week. Day 1 – Saturday”