My life, season 49 – a review

Well, most of what I’ve written on here over the years has been TV reviews. Imagine if your life was a TV show…

“Where do we go from here?”

Season 49 has been a radical shakeup for this show, arguably one that was long overdue after sinking into something of a creative rut. I have the feeling that, behind the scenes, a new showrunner has been appointed who wants to shake up the show with all the vigour that Phil Redmond had when he took over Emmerdale and wiped out half the cast in a plane crash. Continue reading “My life, season 49 – a review”

The Big Trip, Day 15: Orleans to Calais, via a detour into Paris

Distance covered today: 261 miles

Total distance covered: 1883 miles

I have a nice night wandering round Orleans after my couple of drinks in L’Hendrix Pub. I may not be sorted in my head after all my recent trauma, but every so often I have to take a moment to remind myself what I’ve achieved here. I’m travelling! What I’ve always wanted to do! I’ve experienced great chunks of three countries in a couple of weeks (remember Andorra’s a country too)! Continue reading “The Big Trip, Day 15: Orleans to Calais, via a detour into Paris”